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February 17, 2023

GameGuard error code "00000057"

Usually, this error occurs when ‘Core Isolation’ feature is enabled in Windows 10 and Windows 11. The correct work of the GameGuard Anti-Cheat on FASTCUP.NET can only be guaranteed if Core Isolation (memory integrity) is disabled since the GameGuard Anti-cheat uses virtualization for maximum protection.

GameGuard anti-cheat error 00000057

To turn off core isolation (HVCI), you need to press the Windows logo key on your keyboard, type Core isolation in the search bar, and then press Enter.

Open 'Core isolation'

Next, disable the ‘Memory Integrity’ function in the window that appears.

Disable 'Memory integrity' (hvci)

Then reboot the system and start GameGuard again, the error should disappear.

If the issue has NOT been resolved after following this instruction, please get contact with our technical support on the FASTCUP.NET gaming platform.

Be sure to send us screenshots showing the GameGuard Anti-Cheat error 00000057 you have seen and the disabledMemory Integrity’ feature on your device (see above, it should be turned off).

See here, how to fix the error 'Secure Boot is disabled’: